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Linen business cards, designed to make a unique impression on your clients. Linen Business Cards are textured and designed to make a lasting impression with its unique paper quality and feel. Anyone who has felt the texture of our Linen business cards can definitely tell the difference between traditional and Linen business cards. These cards are the perfect investment to “wow” your clients and make a lasting impression.

This product is…

• Designed to last

• Fit in any wallet/purse

• Printed on both sides for an attention grabbing look and feel

*Please note that we do NOT condone the use of uploading files or images used producing identifications, credit cards or bank cards and they ARE prohibited

You also have the option to Hire one of our on-site designers to create you a custom piece of artwork if you need help creating a design. This is an additional cost of $60.00 but you are guaranteed to get a solid design tailor made for your business.

Additional information


1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000


2 in X 3.5 in


Horizontal, Vertical


I will provide design, I will need a designer


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